Women In Business (WIB)



We are committed to train women entrepreneurs using ICT to achieve a desired business growth, which translates to greater contribution to economic development.

  • Date: 2nd to 14th August 2020
  • Venue: Topfaith Secondary Uyo Akwa Ibom state

About Women In Business

The role of ICT in an emerging economy like Nigeria cannot be underestimated at a time like this. ICT is the fastest growing sector in which SMEs can leverage to stimulate growth in the industrial sector. Globally, ICTs and technology tools are meant to reduce the cost of production and increase efficiency in business if properly utilized.

In acknowledgement that the role of women, either as mothers, sisters, wives, leaders, colleagues or just a friend is significant, and also recognizing that women enrich lives and provide the glue that holds families and communities together, we are committed to train women entrepreneurs using ICT to achieve a desired business growth, which translates to greater contribution to economic development. When we recognize the significant role that women naturally play as trainers (they are usually the first contact point of training to children in families), it becomes easier to further connect the place of women in the fulfillment of the core objectives of DPI, particularly in the training of children and youths. The maxim is well said “train a woman and you train a whole nation”. In this regard, therefore, the ‘Women In Business’ program of DPI, will devote resources to further equipping women in ICT capabilities with the hope that this will have a multiplier effect in the same areas in children and youths.

Women In Business

Women are a very important group in the society. They have immensely contributed to the development of the Nigerian economy through the micro, small and medium enterprises spread across the federation. Unfortunately, a good percentage of women lack the skills and resources to grow their businesses. Many of them come up with business plans that are not viable. Some businesses fail and the whole or part of their working capital assistance is lost. Thus, women need to build their capacities to improve business performance. This need can be met by training, while others require different kinds of support.

Digital Peers International can help!

We believe that training is better than just providing services to these women because it enables them to take charge of their own businesses. Women would be equipped on the fundamentals for a better management of their business activities. We would train them on how to use the vehicle of ICT to improve the productivity of their businesses, accelerate its growth, increase their access to markets information for decision making, and for reduction of processing time.

The overall objective of this initiative, Women In Business (WIB), is to use ICT to enhance the leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills of early-stage and existing women entrepreneurs/managers, diminish the human capital gap and increase the number of women entrepreneurs and managers who own/manage SMES and who contribute to the national economy.

Women would be trained on:

  1. How to establish and improve their businesses in the 21st century using ICT,
  2. The various emerging trends in business using ICT,
  3. The application of Cloud technology to grow their business,
  4. And other topics that promote good performance in business activities.

In our trainings, we encourage business women to have a global and strategic vision in their management of business related activities.

Target beneficiaries for the WIB training


The major targets of this training are;

  1. Start-up women CEOs who need the boost and knowledge to grow their businesses to their desired height.
  2. Women managers and leaders of mature businesses who need that ICT spark to enhance their leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills

AIM of WIB Training

Digital Peers International aims to;

  1. Assist women to become individual or group entrepreneurs and managers of businesses using ICT.
  2. Create a platform for social networking and mentorship amongst women entrepreneurs.

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