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Hello Friend,

Have you been to any edition of DIGITEST? I hope you would like to share your experience with us. We at Digital Peers International recognize YOU as one amongst many people who have enabled DPI to host DIGITEST every year since the very first edition in 2000.

Hence, we have created DIGITESTShowcase, an online magazine to celebrate YOU and others who have participated in any edition of DIGITEST either as a Volunteer, Participants (School Teachers included), Partners and or Sponsors.

DPI will love to share your experience with the globe on DIGITESTShowcase if you will be kind to send in your DIGITEST story to dpi@digitalpeers.org or post your DIGITEST Story on any social media platform using the #MyDIGITESTStory and #DIGITESTShowcase this will help us acknowledge your entry.

Kindly follow this guide below:

1.  Tell us your name

2.  The year(s) you participated in DIGITEST either as Volunteer,                       Participant (Teachers included), Partner and or Sponsor.

3.  Tell us the theme for DIGITEST that year.

4.  Share your DIGITEST story (what did you learn that year and how did           it make you better?)

5.  Tell us about the friend(s) you made and or would have liked to make           on camp

6.  What was the high point (best part) of that year’s DIGITEST for you?

7.  Tell a sponsor why they should invest in the next DIGITEST.

The platform #DIGITESTShowcase hopes to engage participants from all editions of DIGITEST to share dynamic experiences with the world.

Finally, to view the DGITEST experiences for everyone, kindly follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @digitalpeers with #DIGITESTShowacase #MyDIGITESTStory #DIGITEST2022


Dear Parents

We employ you to bring your children to participate in DIGITEST 2023 as we prepare to deliver fun-filled and educative moments garnished with ICT Digital experiences that will propel them to understand the future and how to face it in the nearest time coming.

Digital Peers International is committed to empower Children, Teens and School Teachers with the knowledge of ICT to build their capacities and skills in this area. The relevance of ICT learning how to be productive in it and our children today are the future of tomorrow. 

We want to invest in your CHILD TODAY, so this child becomes the greatest asset we ever have to witness.