Volunteers Registration

Volunteers Registration
1. All fields are mandatory. Failure to fill any field will amount to an automatic disqualification.
2. Volunteers are not paid by DPI (Organizers of DIGITEST). DPI will only be liable for out of pocket expenses made in the course of your given duty as a volunteer towards the camp program. DPI is therefore not obligated to pay any sum of money other than this. However, where in the circumstance that DPI decides to pay any sum to volunteers, it will be a sum thought appropriate by DPI and at a time DPI sees fit. DPI will cover the cost of volunteer transportation.
3. All Volunteers will be expected to conduct themselves in a dignified manner all through the camp period. Any form of misconduct will be frowned at and strict disciplinary measures carried out immediately. Such measures may include dismissal from the camp facility.
4. All shortlisted applicants will be contacted accordingly and a notice of acceptance will be sent to successful applicants. This notice will be verified at the camp facility upon arrival.
5. All information entered above is confidential and will be treated as such.
6. By submitting this form you are accepting the Terms of Service for all DPI Volunteers.

Please read the terms carefully before returning the filled form.

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