About Us

Digital Peers International is a registered Non-Governmental Organization that is committed to develop effective ICT Skills and Capacities in the vulnerable group (children, youth and women) in Nigeria and West Africa. Our strategic approach to this includes;

What We Do

Education/capacity building

through trainings and workshops

Awareness creation/Gender sensitization


As a contribution towards the development of ICT in Nigeria and Africa at large, an initiative, DPI was created in October 1999 as a Non-Governmental Organization with the primary purpose of promoting interest in ICT among children, youth and women (able and disabled), and proffering solution to its deficiency among them, using non-conventional learning methods.

Digital Peers


Vision Statement

DPI will build an effective ICT capacity in the nation’s vulnerable groups (children, youths and women) as a necessary ingredient for sustainable development.


Mission Statement

DPI will develop ICT competencies in Africa’s vulnerable groups (children, youths and women), through exposure to and acquisition of necessary tools for self-development, economic empowerment and global competitiveness.


Our Programs

Digital Peers International is best at identifying and developing talented and gifted children in ICT for social and economic development.