Teachers’ Summit

School Administrators, Educators & Teachers play an important role in fostering learning amongst students at all levels.

  • Date: 2nd to 14th August 2020
  • Venue: Topfaith Secondary Uyo Akwa Ibom state

About Teachers Summit

That information and communications technology is the only catalyst for activating transformation in every stratum of the society is no longer news. Information and communications Technology (ICT) is the very foundation required for the needed transformation of a nation of which Nigeria is not exempted. Necessity they say is the mother of invention. So, this necessity to drive the machinery of governance in the right path by building the necessary human capital resources needed to achieve this transformation gave birth to DIGITAL PEERS INTERNATIONAL in October, 1999.

Digital Peers International (DPI) is a not-for-profit NGO committed to building an effective ICT capacity for the Nation and Sub-Saharan Africa with particular emphasis on the vulnerable – youths, women and children. The objective is to raise the needed human capital required to drive developmental and transformative programs in the nation while seeking to also bridge the existing digital divide between youths in developing countries and their counterparts in developed worlds.

Our Concern

Since the pivot upon which the transformation of any functional system (schools inclusive) revolves around is ICT, it becomes, therefore, very essential to train personnel (Teachers in this case) in ICT related fields since it is the tool needed to drive educational curriculum to its zenith in the 21st century. Hence, with the use of ICT in learning and other related activities daily, gainful energies would be channeled in the right direction, making learning easier and productive.

Considering the enormous role school administrators, educators and teachers play in fostering learning amongst students at all levels, and, the implementation of the school curriculum for each calendar year, it becomes imperative to train the trainers (educators) in Information &Communications Technology related fields so that the trainees (students) would have the requisite IT skills needed to enable them excel in their academics at all levels and be at par with their counterparts in the developed world.

As a result of these therefore, there are huge importance and need for capacity development of teachers in the areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to enable them act as umpires in knowledge dissemination. Also, it is an obvious prerequisite that precede quality learning, information and knowledge that can be impacted on the students for profitable results.

The Summit

In line with her vision, and to stem the tide, as seen in the challenges associated with building and maintaining an effective IT capacity amongst youth at primary and secondary school levels, the most conspicuous being the inability of these students to sit for Computer Based Tests (CBTs), DPI organizes an IT capacity building workshop for school teachers at all levels twice in a year to give them the needed technological boost required for teaching and learning in schools.

DIGITEST Teachers’ Summit is a hands-on-learning workshop for teachers on Information and Communications Technology and its applications to Schools’ Management and learning systems.

DIGITEST Teachers’ Summit provides an opportunity for teachers to learn practical ideas on how they can leverage on ICT as a teaching tool to foster learning and also make school management systems easier. The training allows teachers to share IT experiences and get solutions to IT challenges within their schools. Furthermore, the workshop offers ideas on tested and proven content to be taught to students in schools.
The chosen content addresses a particular educational need and lapses that use ICT as a tool to meeting the identified need or lapse.




The benefits of the Summit are but not limited to the following:

  1. Exposure to better learning and teaching techniques/tools/aides that enhance productivity.
  2. Enhanced IT capacity for national and sustainable development
  3. Better and improved approach to learning for global competitiveness
  4. Production of students that becomes economic drivers and IT-preneurs.

Since inception in 2006, thirteen editions of Teachers’ Summit have held in Abuja. The most recent was held in June 2014.

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