Digital Business Skills for Children

Course Overview

Have you ever thought about how you can improve the digital skills of your children? Increasingly, children are being brought up in a digital world.  They have access to an abundance of digital content, a buzzing online culture and social networks. This is fantastic, as it opens up new opportunities for learning.

However, with these opportunities come risks that need to recognized and addressed. At DPI, we understand these challenges and have developed DIGITAL BUSINESS SKILLS program which can be of great help.

Digital Peers International is designed to give children a head start in a tech-filled future and help children around the world develop an interest in business and careers.

It’s never too early to learn about money! DPI teaches kids and teens the basics of business through small, hands-on projects. Lessons are taught in a fun, interactive way and stimulate entrepreneurial thinking while developing 21st Century skills like teamwork and critical thinking.


N25, 000 (Naira) or $65(US Dollar)

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