VENUE: TopFaith International Secondary School, Mkpatak, near Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


According to Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence (Al) will be better than us at everything by 2030 to 2040. For the children in school right now, that will be within their working lifetime. As it stands, jobs like clerks and bookkeepers have already gone over to computers. Well for this and many reasons parents and schools are forcing their kids to learn coding, and many so called 21st century skills. I beg to disagree that is all what we are about.

While machines are taking over many high-level tasks, such as medical analysis and legal research, there are some things they will never do. A computer will never play football, have its heart broken, or see its child born. So, it is very unlikely, if not impossible, that a machine will be able to relate to a human like other humans can. That absence of empathy makes it hard for machines to design products and processes that will maximize enjoyment and utility for humans. So, design skills are likely to be in high demand for decades to come as basic production and analytical processes are increasingly automated.  Coding is not as easy as it seems but in the nearest future you will not need to be a programmer to Create awesome apps just like most of us have done at this year’s DIGITEST camp. There will always be solutions to help us with the difficult task including creating complex Al applications.

Students should be ready to learn and open, to thrive in the 21st century you need to develop an audacity to conquer and dominate. Speak out and take responsibilities. Brace-up yourself and take one day at a time to discover your passion: Music, Social Sciences, Political Sciences and whatever your passion is, pursue it with purpose. Create a Personal Development Plan, Highlight your goals, Live everyday reaching towards your goals. During Summer break, learn new things coding, sowing, dancing and whatever you like.

Ultimately our 21st Century Career will depend on our ability to learn new things, take responsibility, thrive in the midst of the pressure and dominate either as employees or one of the job creators. I believe so much in you and cannot wait to see you soar higher.

Dining Section

This is where all participants gets to eat. The participants were served with different delicacies of meal at different times. Most of the meals were traditional soups.

Project Presentation

Project defense day for the participants. All DIGITEST 2022 participants (Junior class, Senior class and Teachers class) undergo a 4 days intensive training session in groups, after which, were asked to present a project targeting to solve a problem relating to the theme of DIGITEST 2022.


It takes a whole village to raise a child

Technology today is the future of jobs and opportunities
Gone are the days when all parents said (I want my child to be a doctor or lawyer) not saying they are not valid professions, but the world has evolved past that and if as a parent you are still doing that, you are doing a great disservice to your child.

Take a look at your generation, how as children, your parents bought you toys, toy cars, toy houses and even toy horses but right now the story is different.

You see children and teens scrambling for the TV remote, phones, tablets, gamepads and laptops and that is as a result of the evolution into the Digital age.

What they learnt on camp...

1.    Financial literacy

2. Monetizing their acquired skills


Morning Drill

The children are woken up daily as early as 5am in the morning to attend a compulsory devotion and right after the devotion, they convey in the field for their morning drills. this is to enable them stretch their joints through exercises and little work-out to keep them fit.

Lectures with invited facilitators

Some invited facilitators were present at the open ceremony to educate and mentor the children about why they are attending DIGITEST, what they should expect from the program and the values that will leave with them after the program. They also encourage the participants to take full profession in ICT for future references.


camp contest to who will be the Mr & Miss Digitest of that year. This competition is hosted at every digtest and its fun for the participants to learn modest ways of dressing and fashion lifestyle as well.

Your best investments are your children and you can never go wrong with that!