1. Participants are expected to have a working laptop/phone and functional internet to participate in DIGITEST 2021.

2. Participants are expected to login to the DIGITEST Learn Portal to engage in classes.

3. Participants are not expected to log-out during the training or engagement sections.

4. During the training and engagement sections, the participant is expected to login and be the only one visually seen on the screen.

5. Participants are not expected to share their login details with any third party.

6. Participants are expected to take be courteous when engaging with facilitators and other participants across all our platforms.

7. Participants are expected to adhere strictly to the timetable and ensure punctuality for live classes.

8. During Zoom Classes, Participants are expected to show their screen, keep microphone mute and participate in zoom activities at the allotted time.

9. Issues with networks and faulty systems are no excuse to participate, participants are expected to make adequate preparation.

10. Participants are expected to take sole responsibility in creating their projects without any third party’s contributions.

11. For complaints and difficulties participants are expected to explain in detail by sending an email to

WhatsApp Rules and Regulations:

1. Avoid private or one-to-one conversation on the group except, when necessary, which should only be directed to the facilitators

2. Be courteous in responding to comments and chatting in the group, never use foul language.

3. Posting of jokes, forwarding of irrelevant messages, videos, and stickers and similar unnecessary messages are not allowed.

4. Any negative comment or insult on religion, community, individual or specific set of people must not be posted.

5. Keep communication on the group solely for Digitest2021 purposes.


Instructions for Physical Participants while coming to the Venue:

1. Ensure to come with your nose mask and hand sanitizer

2. Participants are expected to come with his/her earpiece/headphones for use when listening to the online training so as to prevent noise distraction.

3. Participants are expected to come with their phones or laptop and in a case where you don’t have these items, a laptop would be provided for you to temporarily use for the training.

4. Lunch has been made available for all participants

5. There is also availability of a shop where you would be able to purchase items e.g., snacks.

6. All participants are advised to be security wise throughout the duration of the program.