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DIGITEST 2017 holds in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Programs

DIGITEST is a flagship programme of Digital Peers International, an IT based NGO dedicated to building an effective ICT capabilities in the nation’s vulnerable group (Children, Youth and Women) in the society through various initiatives.

DIGITEST, an annual creative camp and competition which started 15 years ago, has become a life laboratory where young minds between the ages of eight and eighteen are being equipped with the requisite Information and Communication skills to becoming valuable human manpower and asset that will drive the social and economic activities of the country.

Beyond ICT, DIGITEST has become a platform for impacting children with the culture of Leadership, entrepreneurship, cognitive development. It is also to learn about careers through the career classes, network with other children from diverse background.

DIGITEST has traversed various parts of the country and overseas with the intent of bridging the ‘global digital divide’ among youth, fostering unity amongst tribes and regions and also, encouraging intellectual interaction with contemporaries from other countries.

DIGITEST, with average participants of 300 annually has now become the largest IT based creative camp and competition for children and young people and teachers in Africa, creating an enabling environment for children to learn IT and apply their new found knowledge to tackle National and International Development priorities.

The objectives of DIGITEST are as follows:

  • To generate and develop ICT capabilities in young people
  • To contribute to development and poverty alleviation through ICT
  • To promote knowledge based summer camping for children and youth
  • To refocus youthful energies to gainful activities

DIGITEST has been organized in Nigeria since 2000 and internationally since 2006.

DIGIPALS is a unique School-based ICT club initiated by Digital Peers International (DPI) in 2007. The Club is coming at the heels of a successful annual youth ICT camp, DIGITEST, and we at DPI want the club established in your school, with the aim of helping all students gain background knowledge that would spur on their interest in growing a better environment through ICT.

Studies show that students today are at better advantage because they live in this 21st century, a time when it is almost impossible to learn, communicate, teach, and transact without the use of ICT, but they could as well be at risk if they are not earlier informed on how productive life can be when they build careers in or around ICT, and its benefits in National development.

DIGIPALS club will hereby provide a platform for young people in Nigeria to learn more about the information society and to develop “foundational” skills in ICT, hence contributing to National development.

The essence of building DIGIPALS is to gather youths who will make up their minds to succeed, and through them, Nigeria will get into development. Development comes by thinking, by hard work, by determination.




The goal is that at the end of the School academic year, every student who is a member of DIGIPALS club would have at least been better informed on the importance of ICT, and must have gained the foundational knowledge that would spur on their interest in growing a better environment through ICT.

The main objectives include;


  1. Educate club members on the relevance of Information and Communications Technologies to their academics and personal development.
  2. Furnish club members with adequate information for building a career in ICT.
  3. Educate club members on foundation of ICT skills needed for self-improvement and national development.

DIGI LOG-ON is a Television based ICT education programme, an initiative of Digital Peers International that is centered on creating a classic platform with IT contents to educate, showcase and develop a digitally literate young generation in line with the DPI vision statement, which is essential to an emerging information society like Nigeria.



The objectives of this initiative include, among others:

  • the creation of an interactive, educative and informative ICT focused Television magazine programme that will consistently disseminate useful information regarding ICT trends and breakthroughs,
  • the constructive enhancement and exposure of the viewers to the multifaceted world of ICT through ICT foundational trainings, and
  • the building of viewers’ requisite ICT capabilities with particular focus on the needs of the vulnerable in the society.

In this regard, DIGI LOG ON will take advantage of the common presence of Television to bridge the digital divide in the society.




The overall benefits of the initiatives will include but not be limited to the following;

  • Boost ICT education outreach and interest at the grassroots.
  • Present a common platform for ICT learning for those in the catchment group of DPI’s outreach.
  • Contribute to the building of a more ICT-savvy society.
  • Give opportunity to individuals, schools and organizations to showcase their advancement in ICT related issues.

All these benefits will come at practically no knowledge acquisition cost to the viewers.

In line with her vision, and to stem the tide, as seen in the challenges associated with building and maintaining an effective IT capacity amongst youth at primary and secondary school levels, the most conspicuous being the inability of these students to sit for Computer Based Tests (CBTs), DPI organizes an IT capacity building workshop for school teachers at all levels twice in a year to give them the needed technological boost required for teaching and learning in schools.

DIGITEST Teachers’ Summit is a hands-on-learning workshop for teachers on Information and Communications Technology and its applications to Schools’ Management and learning systems.

DIGITEST Teachers’ Summit provides an opportunity for teachers to learn practical ideas on how they can leverage on ICT as a teaching tool to foster learning and also make school management systems easier. The training allows teachers to share IT experiences and get solutions to IT challenges within their schools. Furthermore, the workshop offers ideas on tested and proven content to be taught to students in schools.

The chosen content addresses a particular educational need and lapses that use ICT as a tool to meeting the identified need or lapse.


The benefits of the Summit are but not limited to the following:

  1. Exposure to better learning and teaching techniques/tools/aides that enhance productivity.
  2. Enhanced IT capacity for national and sustainable development
  3. Better and improved approach to learning for global competitiveness
  4. Production of students that becomes economic drivers and IT-entrepreneurs.

Since inception in 2006, thirteen editions of Teachers’ Summit have held in Abuja. The most recent was held in June 2014.

The ‘Girls in ICT’ initiative of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a global effort to raise awareness on empowering and encouraging girls and young women to consider studies and careers in ICTs. The initiative is committed to celebrate and commemorate the International Girls in ICT Day on the fourth Thursday of every April as established by the ITU membership.

The ITU established ‘Girls in ICT Day’ back in 2010 to help inspire girls to consider a future in technology and supports the global organization of such activities every year in April.

Digital Peers International has partnered with the ITU from the inception of this initiative to organize the ‘Girls In ICT Day’ till date. DPI recognizes this day by organizing events to create a platform to encourage and mentor female children in various schools and communities in ICT education, with the overall aim of raising a generation of an IT savvy female workforce.

Annually organized in Abuja, Nigeria, DPI has imparted the lives of over 500 girls via talk shows with Female gurus in the IT world, quiz and debates, hands-on trainings and educative activities.


Digital Peers International (DPI) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with a primary purpose of promoting interest in ICT among children, youths and women, using non-conventional learning methods.

The group identifies talented and gifted children and develops them through early introduction to virile ICT capacity building training programs with astute trainers. This process aims at raising an IT savvy generation that will sustain and contribute to the socio economic development of Nigeria and Africa at large.

Women are a very important group in the society. They have immensely contributed to the development of the Nigerian economy through the micro, small and medium enterprises spread across the federation. Unfortunately, a good percentage of women lack the skills and resources to grow their businesses. Many of them come up with business plans that are not viable. Some businesses fail and the whole or part of their working capital assistance is lost. Thus, women need to build their capacities to improve business performance. This need can be met by training, while others require different kinds of support.

Digital Peers International can help!

We believe that training is better than just providing services to these women because it enables them to take charge of their own businesses. Women would be equipped on the fundamentals for a better management of their business activities. We would train them on how to use the vehicle of ICT to improve the productivity of their businesses, accelerate its growth, increase their access to markets information for decision making, and for reduction of processing time.

The overall objective of this initiative, Women In Business (WIB), is to use ICT to enhance the leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills of early-stage and existing women entrepreneurs/managers, diminish the human capital gap and increase the number of women entrepreneurs and managers who own/manage SMES and who contribute to the national economy.

Women would be trained on:

  • How to establish and improve their businesses in the 21st century using ICT,
  • The various emerging trends in business using ICT,
  • The application of Cloud technology to grow their business,
  • And other topics that promote good performance in business activities.

In our trainings, we encourage business women to have a global and strategic vision in their management of business related activities.

Target beneficiaries for the WIB training

The major targets of this training are;

  • Start-up women CEOs who need the boost and knowledge to grow their businesses to their desired height.
  • Women managers and leaders of mature businesses who need that ICT spark to enhance their leadership, management and entrepreneurial skills

AIM of WIB Training

Digital Peers International aims to;

  • Assist women to become individual or group entrepreneurs and managers of businesses using ICT.
  • Create a platform for social networking and mentorship amongst women entrepreneurs.

LATE Mrs. Ayo Adeleke is the pioneer Deputy National Coordinator of the DIGITEST program. She played a motherly role during her years of involvement in DIGITEST and encouraged young people to harness their potentials.

The Ayo Adeleke fellowship is a fellowship that seeks to empower young school leavers with relevant skills in planning, leading and organizing as they work for six months at the Digital Peers International office in Abuja to help plan and organize DIGITEST, the largest IT based creative camp and competition for young people in Africa.

Every year, through a competitive application process in February, Digital Peers International will select two Fellows (male and female) who would work a minimum of 35 hours a week in the DPI office to help plan the DIGITEST camp. The Fellows amongst other things will:

  1. Help in logistics planning for DIGITEST
  2. Attend meetings with partners, sponsor and potential partners
  3. Help to manage DPI’s social media platforms
  4. Develop the social content for the DIGITEST camp
  5. Contribute to the development of the annual DIGITEST magazine
  6. Help to market DIGITEST to schools
  7. The fellows will also be actively involved as volunteers during the duration of the camp which usually lasts for 12 days during summer.
  8. The fellows will be mandated to keep an online blog that tracks their daily involvement in planning DIGITEST


The Ayo Adeleke Fellowship will be a platform on which selected participants in the program will operate to expose them to the realities to the world of work. Thereon the Fellows will be able to achieve the following:

  1. Imbibe excellent characteristics for effective performance in the work place.
  2. Gain critical skills in management, planning, organizing, leadership, time management and decision making.
  3. Become role models to others who would participate in subsequent DIGITEST program.
  4. Become Ambassadors of DPI

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