I hereby confirm that the information supplied overleaf is true and the applicant is my child/ward. If given the opportunity to participate in DIGITEST, I accept all the conditions of the organizers including the mandatory group movement throughout the programme.
I agree that I am not entitled to any refund for monies expended by me in fulfilling the conditions necessary for my child/ward’s participation in the programme.
I confirm that my child/ward is medically fit to make the trip (local travels) and hereby give my consent to DPI to undertake any medical test as they consider necessary on my child/ward to confirm his/her fitness during the programme. I also hereby undertake to bear the cost of such test and any medical expenses (except the cost of any First Aid undertaken by DPI) that may arise in the cost of the programme, immediately after the programme.
I agree that photography and filming may take place from time to time during DIGITEST Camp subject to strict safeguard. This pictures might be posted on DPI’s social media and materials.