DIGITEST is a flagship programme of Digital Peers International, an IT based NGO dedicated to building an effective ICT capabilities in the nation’s vulnerable group (Children, Youth and Women) in the society through various initiatives.

DIGITEST, an annual creative camp and competition which started in 2000, has become a life laboratory where young minds between the ages of eight and eighteen are being equipped with the requisite Information and Communication skills to becoming valuable human manpower and asset that will drive the social and economic activities of the country.



Lead-Forte Gate College, Lagos State, Nigeria

July 28 - 9 August,

Beyond ICT, DIGITEST has become a platform for impacting children with the culture of Leadership, entrepreneurship, cognitive development. It is also to learn about careers through the career classes, network with other children from diverse background.

DIGITEST has traversed various parts of the country and overseas with the intent of bridging the ‘global digital divide’ among youth, fostering unity amongst tribes and regions and also, encouraging intellectual interaction with contemporaries from other countries.

The objectives of DIGITEST are as follows:

  1. To generate and develop ICT capabilities in young people
  2. To contribute to development and poverty alleviation through ICT
  3. To promote knowledge based summer camping for children and youth
  4. To refocus youthful energies to gainful activities
DIGITEST has been organized in Nigeria since 2000 and internationally since 2006.

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