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80 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes, 36 seconds since DIGITEST 2014.

DIGITEST, the flagship program of Digital Peers International started in the year 2000 as a two-week ICT orientation camp. The initiative, which remains the largest gathering of its kind in the sub-Sahara Africa till date was envisioned as a veritable platform to raise Information and Communication savvy generations of young minds between the ages of 8 and 18 years, through Information and Communication Technology capacity building and education, which in turn, would help to bridge the digital-divide among African youth and their counterparts from developed world. DIGITEST CAMP has been held annually to achieve among other things, these fundamental objectives: • To raise Information and Communication savvy generations of youths • To develop human manpower for sustainable ICT sector of the nation by developing ICT capabilities in young people • To promote knowledge based summer camping for children and youths • To refocus youthful energies to gainful activities • To contribute to development and poverty alleviation through ICT. At DIGITEST, young people are taught to develop content on the Internet and work with various IT applications to proffer solution to issues of national concern. The camp also emphasizes the development of quality youth leadership, promotion of role models on youth issues and inculcating Godly values in the children, hence, its endorsement by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Information and Communications in the year 2009 as a veritable platform for ICT empowerment, capacity building and networking of young people in Nigeria. In ensuring that the initiative reaches the grassroots and also serves as common platform for learning, growth, unity amongst young people across tribes and regions in the country and continent at large, DIGITEST has been hosted in several cities in Nigeria since its inception in the year 2000, with participation by young people from other African countries. These states include: 2000 Abuja 2001 Abuja 2002 Abuja 2003 Abuja 2004 Abeokuta, Ogun State 2005 Kazaure, Jigawa State 2006 Calabar and Obudu in Cross River State 2007 Abuja the Federal Capital Territory 2008 Lagos State 2009 Abuja 2010 Abuja 2011 Akure, Ondo State 2012 Abuja 2013 Ilorin, Kwara State 2014 Abuja.